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EnviroFilm?/font> your Windows and get more Green!

Help protect your furnishings from fading

Everyday, the sun’s UV rays do irreparable damage inside your home. When your furniture, artwork, carpeting and even your walls are exposed to sunlight, they start fading away. Now you can help prevent fading with EnviroFilm Window Films. Our films block out 99% of the harmful UV rays, while allowing natural light to illuminate your home. All the while, helping your belongings look great for years to come. EnviroFilm is also esthetically appealing in that it does not change your windows... only the way they work for you.

In Winter: EnviroFilm lowers emissivity of glass, decreasing heat loss and reflecting it back into the room.

In Summer: EnviroFilm blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat, significantly reducing air conditioning load and costs.

Year Round: You'll save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Plus, blocks up to 99% of unhealthy UV rays, protecting your family and furnishings.

Reduce energy costs-increase comfort. Nothing brightens a home like natural sunlight-but there is often a price to pay. Hot spots, glare and heat can cause discomfort and uneven room temperatures throughout your home. Fortunately, applying window film reduces these problems, enabling you to more efficiently control your home’s climate. You’ll notice the difference in reduced energy costs,
while your family notices increased comfort.
• Blocks nearly 100% of

  • Blocks nearly 100% of UV rays

  • Rejects up to 80% of solar heat

  • Helps keep possessions from fading

  • Decreases monthly utility bills

  • Keeps your home cooler in summer, warmer in winter

  • Helps hold glass together if shattered

  • Backed by a strong manufacturers warranty

  • Professionally installed by the experts - Fred and Helga

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